Q1 2025 TrippNTour

Q1 2025 TrippNTour

We call this a TrippNTour! We offer these tours quarterly. We also send our employees to other Lean companies to tour and learn.

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The idea for the tours was inspired by 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers and the movement that he has started. During COVID, we have been inspired by the Paul Aker 2 Second Lean Tour Series on YouTube. It allowed us to continue learning best practices virtually.

The main feature of our tour is our employees, their genius and improvements.  This is the agenda:

7:45am Guests Arrive at TrippNT

8:00am TrippNT employees will clean during this time

8:00am TrippNT Overview from the Leadership Team            

  • Slides about our Lean Journey & Who We Are

8:15am TrippNT All Employee Morning Meeting

8:35am Department Visits 

9:20am Panel of TrippNT Employees

10:00am Snack

10:15am Guests Depart

Our guests are encouraged to directly ask our employees any questions both during the floor tour and the employee run panel. We want our guests to have the most accurate picture of TrippNT possible. As such, panel members are chosen to include new hires and old hands as well as ensuring all of the departments are represented. This increases the odds that someone present will have the answer to any questions presented.

No Executive Level employees are present during this panel and is instead moderated by a team lead. This is done to encourage total transparency and ensure that our guests receive the most accurate understanding of where TrippNT is on its Lean Journey.

We have found that opening our doors up to the public has created a unique opportunity for idea sharing, introspection and growth. By inviting other companies, vendors, and customers to tour our facility we are able to have direct conversations about what we can change or innovate to create a better experience for our customers and employees. This policy of total transparency opens the door to stronger relationships and increased efficiency for the company.

Date & Time
Thursday, February 6, 2025
7:45 AM 10:15 AM (US/Central)

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