Our Story

TrippNT was founded in 1993 by Susan Tripp.  Susan, a chemist, needed an organizer for her lab.  Discovering that what she needed did not exist in the marketplace, Susan sketched her desired organizer and requested that her handyman husband, Bob, build it.

Three days later, the resulting organizer provided a solution that gave birth to a business.  TrippNT had humble beginnings in the Tripp’s basement but continued to grow and thrive.

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Our Mission

We are striving to be the Lean leader in healthcare and science! Lean is a business approach to eliminating waste based on two principles: Continuous Improvement, and Respect for People. We approach every day and every process with this mindset. 

The output of this method is thoughtfully designed products, further enhanced by our lifetime guarantee and a relationship steeped in respect as well as continuous improvement. 

We continuously evaluate and improve every customer touch, from initial introduction to trusted partnership, looking for ways to streamline your experience and exceed all expectations.

Days Since Last Improvement
Game-Changing Products
Lovely Employees

Our Team

Seb McLeod

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Ayers

CFO / Vice President of IT & Finance

Stephanie Bursek

Director of Human Resources

Sue Tripp

Founder (Retired)

Daniel Crawford

Director of Engineering

Carrie Raney

Sales Account Manager