What's the Point? Ikigai

Having a reason for being is key to enjoying your work!

We talk every day at TrippNT about continuous improvement and solving pain points to deepen the value generated in both our processes and our customer's.

What's more rarely discussed is the ultimate point in doing so...

On paper, it seems obvious that eliminating common wastes in processes and making simple, daily improvements has a positive effect on a company over time.

However, it's the intangible, unquantifiable effect on each employee's wellbeing and sense of purpose that makes it all worthwhile.

I've got a Lean concept for you that succinctly identifies the massive why behind what we do, and I hope it inspires positive change in your life (not just at work)!


"Reason for Being"

This is your reason to get up in the morning! Ikigai is all about finding balance and achieving a "flow" state  by getting in the zone with work that feels personally fulfilling. The goal is to strike a perfect balance of:

  • What you love
  • What you're good at
  • What the world needs
  • What you can be paid for

Importantly, being "in the zone" simply feels good.

It's not only about fulfilling a need in the world that our company can effectively supply, but enjoying and being proud of the output!

TrippNT's direction is rooted in finding a balance of what we love to do and what our customers need, and this idealized "reason for being" guides our daily work in a truly profound way.

Like most good things, achieving Ikigai will require time, effort, and a healthy dose of self reflection--and that's okay! Sometimes the journey of self-improvement is even sweeter than the destination.

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